The Acclimation of Sedation - Mammoth
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Here you'll find numerous tablature packs available for digital download. Each pack is tailored to different types of technique, which contain excerpts from my music. With each download, you will receive .gp, .gp5, PDF files, .wav files of the songs studied, and video play throughs of each section. Included in the files are the exact fingerings used along with additional notes of approaches to each lick. ***It may take a few hours to receive a download link***

'Clean Tapping'

Tablature Pack

This tablature pack includes (5) of my favorite clean tapping riffs from over the years that are sequenced in increasing difficulty. 

'Deviations Intros' 

Tablature Pack

Every intro riff from the 'Deviations' Album. (7) riffs in total, ranging from funk to ambient to technical. Includes the entire album in .wav format.

'Everything That Is You' Complete Guitar Transcription


The Complete Digital Guitar Transcription of 'Everything That Is You' (Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,8) includes detailed notes and multi layered notations of each intricate guitar part on the record. 

Archaeologist Guest Solo

This download includes my guest solo from Archaeologist's song 'Winter's Wake' Pt. II. with .pdf, .gp and .wav files of solo with the track, isolated guitar audio and a play through video.

'Detach' Complete Guitar Transcription

The Complete Digital Guitar Transcription of 'Detach' includes a forward, gear details, notes and notations of all (20) guitar layers on the EP in .pdf, .gp, .gpx files as well as the EP in 24bit .wav.

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