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Wes Thrailkill

Guitarist, Composer, Teacher

New Single collaboration with Ron Jarzombek - 'Zombie Kill' out now!


Take a solo over this backing track (120 bpm) and tag me on instagram #paracusiajam


Here's the artwork by the Talented Ori Toor of Tel Aviv for my newest EP 'Detach' that will be out at the end of 2020....

When quarantine began I had trouble finding inspiration to create art of any meaning.  I started to fear that people would look to creatives  to bring life back into this landscape, to steer us away from all the other distractions that plague us. This sentiment started to create an unnecessary pressure for myself. Now, more than ever, the act of second guessing nearly everything I produced turned me away from creating anything. I longed to get lost in the process of creation but part of me became too distracted with what was going on outside of the space between my ears. Ironically, the music that was supposed to save me from the mental exercise of the outside world was nonexistent. I think I suffer from taking myself too seriously at times and in result this detriments my productivity. It is either  a) to be ashamed of what comes out and hold onto the vision of what I see myself as or b) submit to the process of creation and go against the instinct of doubt. The latter seemed more logical. I hope these sonics can serve as a diagnostic manual to my mental state, pushing the limits of what I thought I could do. There are things I would never dare dream of pulling off in a live scenario but wanted to create for the sake of art. I also hope every listen brings a new experience. It’s weird parting with things that have clung to the walls of your mind for what seem like an eternity only to be picked apart and digested by those on the outside. I create art for myself but long to connect with others in sharing it. Thanks for coming along with me.

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