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'Progenies' 2012-2016 Compilation CD Digipak

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Physical CD 4 Panel Digipak

Total running time: 79:21

All the same we take our chances
Laughed at by time
Tricked by circumstances
Plus ca change
Plus c'est la meme chose
The more that things change
The more they stay the same - Neil Peart

We most definitely wouldn’t have made it through all these years without the support of friends and family. This compilation was originally my Dad’s idea, who was the first person to put an instrument in my hands seemingly an eternity ago. With the help of a few that have known us since our beginnings of playing our first gig at our bassist’s bat mitzvah back in 2004 to our most recent endeavor of touring across the United States, we’ve compiled our favorite tracks from Shapeless (2012) to Deviations (2016) in an order we hope sheds light to our ever changing, dynamic experience. Looking back it’s been an absolutely incredible time getting to play “music” with all these different people all over the world, and I can’t wait for the future (reflection)… - Wes

Cover Art created in the Union App by Wes Thrailkill


released October 21, 2017

The human beings that made these records a reality:

All Guitars: Wes Thrailkill

SHAPELESS (2012) Engineer: Sebastian Rizo. Bass: Danny
Choi. Drums: Ryan Takemura. Guests: Arya Bandari

DIMENSION OF INVERSION (2013) Engineer: Brandon Balsz. Drums: Jordan Soto. Guests: Chase Bryant, Mateus Asato, Greg Harrison, Arya Bandari. Art: Maribeth Rohman

POLYMORPHISM (2014) Engineer: Brandon Balsz. Drums: Aliyar Kinik. Bass: Chase Bryant. Guests: Senece Pettee, Hanne Rye, Ida Adel, Giacomo Pianigiani, Noel Heysquierdo, Mateus Asato, Yas Nomura. Art: Dorian Yarnelson

FUTURE REFLECTION (2014) Engineer: A.J. Minette. Drums: Aliyar Kinik. Bass: Chase Bryant. Art: Brigitte Roka

INNATE (2015) Engineer: Brandon Balsz, Mikal Reid. Drums: Aliyar Kinik. Bass: Chase Bryant. Art: Hubble Space Telescope

DEVIATIONS (2016) Engineer: A.J. Minette. Mastering: Ermin Hamidovic. Drums: Aliyar Kinik. Bass: Yas Nomura. Guests: Ben Luria, Chase Bryant, Mateus Asato. Art: Vitaly Havrylyuk

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